A graduate of Harvard and Columbia, Ingrid Bacci was a real “achiever”—until a crippling disease took over her life for three years. After embarking on a journey of healing using mind-body techniques, she realized the secret to health, happiness, and success was to let go of trying so hard and face the fear that had ruled her life.

Many of us are addicted to struggling and trying so hard to make things happen. We feel emotionally dissatisfied and physically exhausted or even ill. We have a nagging sense that there must be more to life than what we are getting. We apply ourselves to reaching our goals, only to find out that we pay a price in the form of stress and tension. In The Art of Effortless Living, Dr. Bacci presents clear, simple techniques for developing an effortless lifestyle. Through breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, bodywork and tapping into unconscious guidance, you can learn how to achieve a more fulfilling life—by doing less.

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